It’s not just high youth unemployment that’s a problem. In the UK, only 20% of small businesses make it through the first 18 months. This means sustainable livelihoods can be hard to come by in many communities.

We believe one of the best ways to address this issue is to nurture entrepreneurs by helping them create resilient enterprises. After all, to succeed, they usually just need a little help– 87% of businesses that use an incubator are still around after 5 years, for example.

We make sure small community-based enterprises get the help they need by linking them to the support of larger sponsors. What’s more, we bring some of the best ideas from our experience across Europe to the entrepreneurs we work with.

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The Hatch Incubator provides crucial support and guidance to young businesses.
Dame Tessa Jowell MP visits Hatch Incubator in Lambeth.